Match Ratings: For second straight week Energy downed at Taft

OKLAHOMA CITY- For the second straight week, the Oklahoma City Energy found themselves in the wrong end of a 3-0 score line. 

Hosting the Group D leaders San Antonio FC, the Energy were unable to grab any points off their direct rivals for the two Group D playoff positions. 

Match Ratings from the loss:

CJ Cochran (GK)- 5

Outside of a great save before half, Cochran was unable to deny the San Antonio attack. It’s hard to ask Cochran to do much with San Antonio’s last two goals, which were just class finishes. 

Zach Ellis-Hayden (D)- 5

Unable to create any great chances, Ellis-Hayden still stretched the San Antonio back line in a role we’re growing accustomed to seeing him in.

He was solid working back defensively too, the constant bright spot amidst Oklahoma City’s defensive struggles.

Christian Ibeagha (D)- 4

Both Energy center halves had their hands full with Cristian Parano and the San Antonio attack.

One of the keys Energy coach John Pascarella highlighted before the game was clearing the first ball to prevent Parano from pouncing.

For San Antonio’s first goal, Ibeagha failed to do just that, and not soon after the San Antonio talisman had his team out front and they never looked back.

Nico Taravel (D)- 4

Taravel gave up the foul in the run up to San Antonio’s second goal, capping off a frustrating night for the frenchman. 

Kyle Hyland (D)- 5

Hyland probably had his best night going forward for the Energy this season against San Antonio. He did well in the first half to take the space teammate Omar Gordon left for him.

Other than fouling Parano to kill a counter attack, Hyland had a quiet night at the back in the best way. 

Jose Hernandez (M)- 6

Hernandez battled on the defensive end of the pitch, but he failed to bring the creative spark the Energy turn to him for. 

He looked out of sync with the rest of his teammates, and carded an uneventful evening going forward.

Omar Gordon (M)- 5

Gordon was sacrificed at halftime to make way for Basuljevic, an easy decision as he was the least effective midfielder in the first half. 

Though he tried to work back in to help cover for Hyland, he didn’t track all the way in for Parano’s opener.
At times, Gordon was also out of position when the Energy needed to spring the attack. With Oklahoma City looking to break, Gordon failed to run in behind the San Antonio defense enough to stretch the back line and help his forwards.

Rafa Garcia (M)- 7

Garcia helped the Energy defense all he could, often sticking back to cover when a defender explored farther up the pitch. 

Though he was unable to find anyone with his set pieces, his constant communication in the Oklahoma City midfield was essential for keeping their shape most of the night. 

Charlie Ward (M)- 6

Ward did well to orchestrate the build up for Oklahoma City in the first half. As the game got away from the Energy in the second half, his impact was felt less and less, eventually leading to him giving way to Brad Dunwell to close the game.

Frank Lopez (F)- 7

Lopez did not disappoint in his first start of the season for Oklahoma City.

Giving the Energy life, he pressed relentlessly and forced mistakes out of San Antonio’s back line. 

His best moment came just before half when he dribbled two defenders and almost drew a penalty for his team. 

Jaime Chavez (F)- 4

Chavez was primed to be the biggest beneficiary of Lopez’s inclusion in the starting lineup.

Unfortunately, he was unable to get anything going, continually having to drop deeper and deeper to pick up the ball from his teammates. 

Chavez is a dynamic forward, but he played second fiddle sitting underneath Lopez in this match.


Arun Basuljevic (M) – 5

Basuljevic replaced Gordon at the half, but failed to make his mark. He fell victim to Oklahoma City’s midfield being overrun toward the end, where the Energy were never position to chase the game. 

Not Rated: Brad Dunwell, Joe Amico and Jon Brown

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